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Well, we are, to all intended purposes, chefs and we are on tour. Ask any of the members of this distinguished group and this is what most typifies the motto and becomes the group's pre-requisite for new members: you must be a friend and you must know how to have a good time and enjoy yourself.

Since first gathering in 1990 at WACS Singapore and traveling for the first 'official tour' in 1994 to the WACS conference in Stavanger, Norway, Chefs on Tour has travelled to four of the five continents on an annual basis. The fifth continent of South America will be conquers by the year 2003 with a trip to Brazil and the famous Carnivale of Rio de Janeiro and a trip down the Amazon is planned for early that year.

2002 will see the group represented at WACS Japan and at the Southeast Asian Chefs Golf Tournament in the Philippines. For those keen golfing chefs within the region who would like to attend this great team event in Manila in January, please contact Werner Berger directly. Our 2001 gathering had eleven of that twelve members descend on Pattaya, Thailand for five days of deserved rest & relaxation as well as plenty of golf and gourmet dining topped off with the much-anticipated vinous indulgence.

Werner Berger won this year's Chefs on Tour golf tournament. Werner showed the intestinal fortitude to withstand the long social evenings and wake early each morning with the vim and vigor to maintain the high level of concentration and skill required to reach the pinnacle of golfing excellence to overcome all challengers.

In the eyes of all other Chefs in Tour members, this is attributed to one thing - as the oldest member, he goes to bed early these days and cannot consume the same large amounts of fluids the rest of us did. Our rookie players of the tour, Karl Heinz Hasse and Norbert Girnth from Germany as well as Kai Wagner from Malaysia, proved that with practice comes perfection.

A lesson they have already mastered in their respective kitchens. As a group, our thanks go out to the support shown to us by Tabasco Inc. Singapore for the golf sponsorship, the Thai Garden Resort Pattaya and in particular, the resort Guest Services Manager Elfi Seitz, who attended to our many demanding needs.

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